The Rapidé Auto Service Experts started operations on January 1998 with the opening of its first auto repair shop in Buendia, Makati. Due to the tremendous demand of quick automobile repair services in the Philippines, we opened another four (4) shops during that year. Rapidé Auto Service Experts is under the LICA MANAGEMENT AND HOLDINGS, INC. a diversified group with successful business interests in the Automotive, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Hotels & Restaurants and Computer Systems industry. Today, we are the country’s leading auto repair service center operating 50 shops in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and other soon-to-open stores.

Rapidé shops are equipped with state of the art equipments, are manned by highly competent and technical people who undergo international standard training and are supplied only with certified spare parts and products to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Rapidé maintains only the highest level of quality that places our shops far beyond the competition and which confirms our undeniable position as the leader among specialists in quick auto repair service centers.

Rapidé has a strong commitment to continue its expansion through franchising in key urban centers in the Philippines.

The origins of Rapidé started in 1997 via a joint venture with Midas International. Midas is the largest auto service center chain in the world made up of over 2,700 shops worldwide.

Rapidé guarantees our customer’s peace of mind since our systems, procedures and training programs are all based on the systems and procedures used by Midas Europe and Midas USA. However, in order to fit into the local Filipino culture and consumer, Rapidé has revised and improved the MIDAS programs. Rapidé has developed what is undoubtedly the most successful auto service center chain in the Philippines.

The Philippine automotive marketplace rapidly evolving, Rapidé’s concepts of a “Hassle Free Service” assure our customers of high quality products and excellent service.


Rapidé Auto Service Experts offers:

1. Traditional core services for maintenance including change oil, wiper blades, radiator flushing and everything to keep any car running at its best.

2. Brakes with complete 45-point brake inspection.

3. Steering and suspension with alignment and balancing utilizing quality aftermarket and imported replacement parts.

4. Clutch and drivetrain for the power needed to transport people.

5. Battery and tire services plus a whole line of other vehicle related services. At Rapidé, we can keep your vehicle running at its best all the time.

Rapidé Auto Service Experts has been through many changes since our beginning. One aspect that has not changed is our Beliefs and Values.

Our shareholders felt deeply that business should be based on Trust, Honesty and Integrity; Value and Convenience; Professionalism and Technical know-how; and High Christian Principles. Rapidé’s drive to success lies in its belief that total customer satisfaction is important in achieving business growth that why Rapidé is the most successful auto service center chain in the Philippines today. These Beliefs and Values are the principles that guide our relationships with our customers, our people and our partners.

We believe that our strongest competitive advantage is our proven ability to deliver our core values to the ultimate consumer better than our competitors.


The customer always comes first.
That’s the Rapidé Way.

That’s why we promise you will receive quality service. Be treated in a courteous manner. And be served in a clean and safe environment.

We strive to achieve the highest ethical standards in every service we perform. All our work is guaranteed. Just ask your store manager for details.

And if you’re dissatisfied with any service you’ve received, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

That’s our pledge,
Our promise to you.

Commitment is a value demonstrated daily. Our reputation is based on doing what it takes to meet our promises. There are numerous stories that can be told of extraordinary efforts: working marathon hours to get a new division up and running or doing what it takes to satisfy our customers. Our people are ready to meet any challenge to get the job done right.