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JFV Engineering Services and Trading

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Product Description

JFV ENGINEERING SERVICES AND TRADING (JFVEST) is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Safety Device Manufacturer/Provider and LPG Piping Designer/Installer whose expertise focuses on residential and commercial safety.

Being one of the trusted companies in the LPG Piping Industry, JFVEST has carefully developed a system and continue making plans and innovations with emphasis on People, Planet and Profit (3Ps) that advocates social responsibility, clean and green economy and fair trade.


JFVEST envisioned a better world to live in, where people eat healthier food, find safety in their dwelling place, at school, at work or at place where people can add leisure and comfort.


Our company optimizes the delivery of high quality products and above standard services focusing on safety, healthy and hazard-free environment.


To develop effective and efficient structural framework that will guide the company to be more credible, competent and professional in our respective field of operations;

To continue making plans and innovations on products and services that is responsive to the needs and safety of our clients;

To build capabilities and additional learning that will benefit a symbiotic relationship between management and employees;

To optimize the quality of our product and services by strictly following the prescribed laws and ethical standards that governs the LPG Piping industry;

To ensure high standard productivity that could meet customer’s satisfaction, durability and timeless performance;

To be a leading company that initiate the practice of sustainable development with emphasis on People, Planet and Profit (3Ps).

What make us different?

JFVEST is an active advocate of Clean and Greener Environment. And by being one of a member partner of Green Page for People, Planet and Profit, Inc. and partner of Task Force Lingkod Kalikasan, the company is participating in the implementation of environmental programs of these non-profit environmental agencies.