We live in a time of unprecedented change. In business, we face challenges and opportunities that are more critical and complex than ever – where the consequences of failure are unimaginable, and the impact of our decisions are felt instantly across the planet. A fragile economy and a climate out of control, poverty across half the planet and scarcity of natural resources, the extinction of species a explosion in population, ethical dilemmas on every corner, and low confidence and trust in business: symptoms of a changing world.

Change is all around us. The cries for help at the end of an industrial age, the shift in power towards the developing world, from big to small, masses to niches, and the recognition that we can only sustain our livelihoods with new thinking, new behaviors, and new balances.

We know that the old short-term, sales and wealth-obsessed models of business are broken, and we are now beginning to feel the consequences.

We struggle to balance our priorities and ambitions – the pursuit of personal and business success, whilst also seeking to make the world a better place. Is it possible to do both? These are challenging times to lead and manage a business, even more difficult to create and sustain profitable growth.