Amigoo’s Steakhouse

Come and visit the number 1 steak house in Bulacan! At Amigoo’s, we only serve the best steaks in town. Indulge yourself and friends at our Wagon Bar with wine and spirits accompanied by legendary jazz music, rhythm and blues. For details you may contact Mr....
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Rapide Your Largest Auto Repair Network

The Rapidé Auto Service Experts started operations on January 1998 with the opening of its first auto repair shop in Buendia, Makati. Due to the tremendous demand of quick automobile repair services in the Philippines, we opened another four (4) shops during that...
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I Love You Sabado

Isang tulog na lang! Isama ang buong pamilya at tikman ang sarap ng Sabado sa Jollibee! Check out our newest video!...
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The Great Escape to Countryside Experience!

The AMBiodiversity Farm offers a unique experience of simple lifestyle at the countryside with its cool, invigorating climate, mountain and hills views, rivers, springs and creeks that amplifies serenity, simplicity and peaceful backdrop that is truly a wonder. The...
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What is Sustainability?

We live in a time of unprecedented change. In business, we face challenges and opportunities that are more critical and complex than ever – where the consequences of failure are unimaginable, and the impact of our decisions are felt instantly across the planet....
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Who We Are

OksNaOks is your friendly “All-in-one-Juan-for all” creative media company which has successfully created credible multimedia business solutions that can facilitate website design and development, web hosting, domain management, graphic arts, publication and...
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What We Offer

  • The Best Option in Advertising 99.9%
  • Simply Entertaining 89%
  • Cause and Image Building 95%

Join the Brilliant Community of Changemakers

Members of Green Page for People, Planet and Profit lead the way in their mission of building just and sustainable world.

Be the change

With rising energy prices, growing consumers demand and economic imbalances, there are compelling reasons whether you are an established business or simply just starting a business to review, act and respond quickly to sustainability strategies. Rethink The world...
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Featured Articles

Are You an ECOPreneur?

Are You an Ecopreneur? A nation of 9-5-ers is giving way to a spirited movement of innovators, searching for ways to make a life filled with purpose and meaning, instead of simply earning a living. And they’re thriving in the place-based “honey bee economy” that... read more

JFV Engineering Services & Trading

JFV ENGINEERING SERVICES AND TRADING (JFVEST) is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Safety Device Manufacturer and LPG Piping Designer/Installer whose expertise focuses on residential and commercial safety.

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BDO vows continued support to SMEs

BANCO De Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO) has once again proven its unwavering support to SME (small and medium enterprises) clients as it completed another successful forum recently held in Cebu City. Similar to what it has done in the four previous forums in Batangas,... read more

SMEs in the Philippines: Going beyond survival

Many Philippine SMEs remain too small, only meagerly augment household incomes, and are unable to take advantage of opportunities brought about by ASEAN integration. In ASEAN, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 90% of all enterprises,... read more

Happy Clients

OKSNAOKS You’re simply amazing! You created Molecular-X Website beyond our expectations. True indeed that your craftsmanship is what you are more passionate about. Very professional, truly world-class. Thank you and let’s keep in touch.

Jerry Anderson

CEO, Molecular-X Nano Technology

Before we met OksNaOks, we had a terrible website. We didn’t even know how to face squarely with our competitors. With OksNaOks, we simply regain the trust mark and even expanded our client base throughout Philippines.

JR Ocampo

President, Gemwood East Company

Competency is the key. OksNaOks knows what is best for my company.Their services is par excellence including Company Profiling, Organizational Development & Team Building.

Well done! Truly satisfying!

Engr. Julius F. Villanueva

CEO-President, JFV Engineering Services and Trading

Thank you for the great work of art! Having creative think-tank staff like you do, the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary would not be able to make it possible to have a truly astonishing website for a cause. All is well.

Holy Rosary Minor Seminary

Procurator, Naga Pilgrim City

Having a website is an image building with integrity. It is indeed a need in today’s informative age, of being responsive and up to date in the furtherance of service. OksNaOks sa cost and very effective sa service.

Col. Gregory Docil

Executive officer, NCRRCDG ARESCOM

We’re very happy that our website has finally launched. The design is awesome and the Support Team always provide us with excellent service. I totally recommend their Work. Cost Effective and Truly Maka-Bayan. Great Work!

Mater Ecclesiae

Management, Kampo Maria